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Hi, I’m Reid Hannaford, a Canadian creative director, filmmaker, and game designer. I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

I make movies, write software, evolve brands, and develop games. My work focuses on the harmony between humans, machines, and nature, and explores themes of symbiosis, posthumanism, and collective memory. Lately I’ve been mesmerized building worlds you can get lost in.

I attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for film production. Recent projects include directing commercial work for PMLS3 and PMLS2, developing the narrative video game, CRATER BOY, producing the feature film, GOD’S TIME (2022 Tribeca Festival), and co-directing the interactive documentary, MIMIC (2021 CPH:DOX).

I’m currently concentrated on 3D animation, crafting virtual worlds that weave between the concrete and the amorphic. Let’s connect.

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